Kisumu County Assembly is becoming a house of Drama or as some would term a house of comedy. From fist fights, corruption allegations to Bread searching etc.

having been voted to offer oversight on the Executive, Jakenya has exclusively established that the house has been strategically taken hostage by the executive hence can’t perform its key role. It is alledged that most MCAs are the main contractors within the county and have chosen to secure and protect their pockets.

It all started with the unceremoniuos removal of the former Speaker Onyango Oloo. Some saw him as a strict leader who ran the affairs of the House Independtly. However critics termed Onyango Oloo as a selfish Egomanic leader which led to his downfall. Some allegations included running the Assembly as his own house. Of Interest is being accused of “eating” alone leaving the larger flock hungry. Whatever happened to the Good and Bad speaker in equal measures is in Public domain.

Speaker Kisumu County Assembly Hon Elisha Oraro

In came the successor Hon.Elisha Oraro. Admired by many as a humble kind leader, the new captain received praises from all corner especially his mediation tactics which led to a smooth working relationship between the Assembly and the executive. Little did he know that the honey moon was soon going to be over. Just few months in office there were already some murmurs on the background on how the speaker was so cozy with the executive. Some started seeing a weak speaker held hostage by the executive. The yes man. Why? some would ask.

The speaker is being accused by a section of the MCAs as a big beneficiary of some contracts in the county hence hindering his work as a speaker.

Nyalenda B MCA Hon.Olale puts in in Black and white, “Kisumu Assembly is being managed by wash wash hindering Prof’s work. Picking money left, right and centre is what most MCAs are doing. We don’t have leadership qualities at the Assembly.”

Hon.Olale is among the few MCAs who are facing the speaker and pointing out his failures as a speaker. We were able to access some screenshots of a bitter exchange between the speaker and the MCA on Whats App.

Our team followed up on the story to establish if any arrests were made after the “threats” on the Thread but by the time the story was being published no arrests had been made.

The MCA further accusses some of his collgues of using impeachment motions to solicit money from Cecs. ” Majority of these MCAs have turned impeachment motions into bread searching missions. Today the state of roads across the country are in bad state but since someone somewhere parted ways with Bread worth Ksh.800,000 the motion was thrown out.” stated Olale

Hon Olale Nyalenda B MCA

True to the Power of “Bread” the mover of the motion Hon. George Ogutu of west Nyakach was frustrated to the end until the motion did not see the light of the day.

At Jakenya we say if those mandated with the role to oversight decide to dine and wine with those they are supposed to oversee, the we can conclude that indeed the once vibrant Kisumu County Assembly is no longer a house of Honour but a House of Greed.

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