Grammy awards for 2021 was held recently, we know many artist were nominated and many got to win the awards. But lets remember that this awards was held in the midst of a pandemic.

Since the pandemic started things literally changed to virtually and the Grammy’s did not miss to join in this chance. This years Grammy’s most fans attended online to witness the event.

But what amazed me is the fashion essence that the celebrities had. they had the best outfits and face masks that matched with their outfits. Since the pandemic started, wearing a face mask has been mandatory in most countries and it was great to see them trying to put that rule into practice.

Shout out to Bellie eilish who matched everything from her custom pastel Nike x Meals set and lilac Versace bag to her mask.

Congratulations to all the artists who went and followed the COVID19 guidelines and to those who snatched up awards.

stay safe

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