Due to my over active imagination I always find myself imaging situations that some are not close to reality. Don’t blame me or rebuke me, they say you have to dream to make it happen. well consider it that I am day dreaming.

well on one of my imaginations i started to think there was a movie emulating the current pandemic of COVID 19 years before it happened. and i recently saw a movie on where AI takes over the world and becomes humans beings worst enemy.

ill say it is only a movie but lets talk about it as if it is reality and can happen, bare with me now. we completely trust artificial intelligence with everything in life especially since we are in the digital era. we continuously feed it information.

what if one day it decides to use the information we give it against us, are we prepared. I am in social media platforms and use it daily to post about my day to day life, how can I protect myself against AI if need be?

this is the question I continuously ask myself because I know I cant compete with a computer. basically it functions at 100% if it had a brain and a human brain cannot function at 100%. in the fight against AI I believe humans will lose and will be extinguished with AI.

well anyway that is me and my overactive imagination who says it cant happen.

food for thought.

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